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Property Preservation

Working directly with local vendors has it’s advantages. We have excellent relationships with our local experts and are in constant communication. By working directly with us, and not through some third party intermediary, the process is streamlined, you will be in constant contact communication with us, and get to know our high standard of work and can expect it every time. No more random fly-by-night vendors that will continue to work regardless if you are satisfied with their performance or not. We stand by every job.

The distinguishing difference between PPMG and others in our industry is that we are truly committed to delivering the best customer service while offering the highest level of quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness.

Our staff is constantly expanding their education on important property preservation issues. Combine that with a commitment to invest in the latest technology and strive for rigorous quality control, our clients get more than they bargain for. Furthermore, we are able to monitor and measure our processes so that we will always exceed industry guidelines, and exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Our Property Preservation Services

We offer everything a client would need in preservation services, including but not limited to the following:


• Initial Securing
• General Securing
• Lock changes
• Secure points of entry
• Boarding
• Lock box installation
• Re-securing
• HUD conveyance securing and reporting posting 


•Dry/Radiant/Steam systems
• Pools
• Wells
• De-Winterizations 

Debris Removal

• Interior/Exterior
• Special handing of hazardous materials, including paint and oil

Code Violation Management

We communicate with code enforcement offices so that we can help address and correct existing violations and mitigate code violations impacting your property

Cleaning Services

• Broom sweeping/wiping
• Initial cleaning
• Intensive cleaning
• Monthly/Bi-weekly refresh cleaning

Other Services

• Evictions
• Yard maintenance
• Snow removal
• Damage identification
• Hoarding situations
• Pest extermination
• Pressure washing
• Graffiti removal

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